I recently have read two amazing books,  and I highly recommend looking for them and reading them if you want to change your outlook on life. The first book is called Kindness Diaries and the second book is called The Alchemist. They both have changed my outlook on life and my perspective of materials and experiences.

Today, when I was reading the slices of life, I came across two amazing blogs  that were both talking about experiences. The first is by svalters you can find here. The next was by jsementelli and you can find here. They both talk about experiences, one with photos another with words! They inspired me to share some experiences in my life that I look back on and smile!

April is when my best friend and I ran our first half marathon! Doing it again in two weeks!

May-when my best friend and college roommate played in our first alumni game!

Also in May, when my sister graduated high school!

June-when I caught my largest bass!

Also June- when my family and boyfriend went to Disney to celebrate my sisters graduation! 

July- when me and my friends went to Nashville! 

Also July- celebrating Danny’s birthday present to Kenny Chesney! 

August- Michigan with Danny’s whole family! 

Also when I learned to wake surf!

October- fall break camping and exploring Missouri! 

November- visiting my older brother in Vail with my friend from Hawaii! It was her first time skiing and she crushed it!

December- our first teammate to get married! My teammate married one of Danny’s teammate!


January- saying goodbye to our favorite Slu restaurant! 

February- celebrating somewhat warm weather! 

February- watching my favorite hockey team with my friends! 

March- spring break in Seattle visiting our friends!