“Believe me” seems to a phrase used in everyday conversation. Believe me, I turned in my bill on time. Believe me, if I could I world. Believe me, I love this burger. Believe me, this mask will make you look ten years younger. Believe me, you can do it. Believe me, I can do this.

Growing up I had a lot of people believing in me. I was/am so blessed for that support system. My parents believed that I could and do anything I set my mind to. My coach believed I would get division 1 soccer offers. My brother believed I could do the impossible, in my own odd ways. My brother also believed I always stole his books and candy, and that’s true. My friends believe in me. My boyfriend believes in me. All these people, and so many more, are always believing in me. With all of their heart and soul, they believe me.

Believe me, can correlate with lies, dreams, excuses, desires, success, and failures. For me, believing me helped me grow and succeed. To my students, it can mean everything.

My best professor, Doctor Schibig, once told me that a great teacher makes their students believe. In order to make students believe, you must first believe in them. Believe in their mind. Believe in their knowledge and growth. Believe in their heart. He taught me that the best thing a student can go home with is a satisfied belly and the knowledge that someone believes in them.

Believing in a student can mean hope to them. I work in a title 1 school and recently got a note from a student. This students precious teacher told me, “She’s so low, goodluck.” This student has one of the hardest home life’s I’ve every heard, and I’ve worked in the city. I was in disbelieve. I took the mindset of Doctor Schibig, and told myself to believe. Every day my teaching goal is to tell a three students a thing that made me proud and why I believe in them. My personal goal is to tell the student who was believed in as low, that “I believe in you.” Back to the note, all it stated was “Thanks for believing in me!” Instant tears and joy!

This student will do amazing things, not only because she can, but now she knows she can. Students need a believer. They don’t always have them at home, so I can provide them one myself. This student will do great things. Believe me, she will.