I love traveling! It is one of my favorite things to do! It doesn’t matter if it’s out of the country or two cities away, I love it! I love discovering new things, tasting new things, and learning new things! Traveling is the best way to do all of this at one time!

My best friend and I are going to Seattle and Vancouver over spring break! We are going to be visiting two of my best friends from high school, who are twins, who moved out there to be computer engineers! They are hilarious and I am so excited to see them! I am glad they’ll be there because they made a list for my friend and I to go to that is unique and things we can’t find in Saint Louis! Again, I am so excited for that! They won’t let us see the list because they want it to be a surprise, oh and did I mention it will be my birthday on this week? That makes me excited too, although I hate celebrating my birthday but love celebrating everyone else’s!

Traveling is a fun way for me to bond, share memories, and get closer to family and friends! I am excited for this trip to reunite with old highschool friends and bring my best friend from college too! They already get along so nicely, I know this trip will be amazing!